New products – proximity sensors


30th June 2021


“The desire for novelty, evolution and continuous updating together with the satisfaction of being able to meet the new market demands, led us to establish a cooperation with the company Shanghai Lanbao Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., that has been manufacturing proximity sensors for more than 20 years.
The catalogue includes the most varied types of products to meet all kinds of needs.
LANBAO sensors can be used in many industrial sectors such as packaging, automation, automatic warehouse, robotics, textile, equipment for earth moving and waste management/transport, farm vehicles, automotive mountain stations and beyond, elevators etcetera.
Do you need a customised solution? LANBAO is able to develop customised dedicated products with the clients.
Furthermore LANBAO products, despite their top quality standard, are proposed at very competitive prices.
Would you like to try them? Ask us for further information!”

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